ARM Sangyo Co. HSC 600

ARM SANGYO Company is a Japanese operated and owned company that manufactures a assortment of high quality cordless battery tools, hand tools, and electric power tools, including: electric, cordless, and hand-operated Swagers. Below are products that we sell which include cable accessories, button stops, sleeves, thimbles, hand swaggers, and replacement hand swagger jaws.

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Bench Swager HSC-600
DescriptionThe bench swager comes with ability to swage up to five sizes. Bench Swager HSC-600 Features...
Replacement Swager Jaws
Description Replacement swager jaws HSC600 fit both hand and bench models for optimum convenience. Replacement...
HSC600 Hand Swager
DescriptionThis hand swager is manufactured to swage five sizes.The hand swager HSC-600 swages five sizes and...
Cable Swaging Kit
DescriptionThis kit has aluminum sleeves, button stops, thimbles and other necessary items for cable swagging.Garage...