Decorative Garage Door Hardware

Complete your garage door replacement, repaint or rebuild with decorative garage door that will give your whole garage door a refresh. PartsReplacementStore’s assortment of decorative garage hardware includes a large selection of hardware that will make your garage doors a carriage house appearance. These iron gate door knockers, studs, handles and decorative hinges are ideal for Tudor homes and any other older style home with an English or antique design. Pick from pick up convenient magnetic garage door hardware or traditional drill-in styles from PartsReplacementStore. We have a large assortment of magnetic garage door decorative hardware that are almost certain to stay on your garage doors due to their integrated neodymium magnets that maintain 99 percent of their strength over a decade! Magnetic decorative garage door hardware offers simple installation and is manufactured with durable yet lightweight materials to endure the outdoors. Magnetic designs come in hinges, handle sets and house numbers from PartsReplacementStore. Our decorative hardware selections are manufactured to last with rough iron, embossing, powder-coating and other durable yet decorative features to guarantee that they last all the way through constant use and weathering. 
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Lion Head Door Knocker Kit
DescriptionThis knocker kit is manually activated. Replacement DH 37120 Features: Manually activated Please note: mounting...
Black Stainless Steel Wood Screws (100)
DescriptionThese screws are stainless steel and priced per 100. Part DH 8X1SCREWS Features: Stainless steel...
Linear Residential Hardware Kit
Description Linear Residential Hardware Kit
Yorktown Strap Hinge
DescriptionThe Yorktown decorative strap hinge measures 16". Yorktown Decorative Strap Hinge This Yorktown strap hinge...
Yorktown Pull Handle
DescriptionYorktown pull handles are for vertical mounting and measure 11 1/4". Yorktown Pull Handle for...
Napoleon Magnetic Dividing Line
DescriptionThis dividing line is 1/4 in. long. It is sold per an eight ft. strip....
Napoleon Door Studs
DescriptionThese door studs are priced per each. Replacement Door Studs Features: Priced per each Please...
Napoleon Door Knocker Kit
DescriptionThis door knocker kit is a great option for any car garage door.Please note: mounting...
Napoleon 9 in. Pull Handles
DescriptionThese replacement pull handles are nine inches. Replacement Part DH RP2BP Features: Nine inches Black,...
Napoleon 18 in. Magnetic Hinge
DescriptionThis Napoleon part is black and for decorative purposes. Replacement Napoleon Part Features: Decorative, not...
Napoleon 16 in. Hinge
DescriptionThis Napoleon hinge is sixteen inches and is black. Replacement 16 inch Hinge Features: 16...
Magnetic Handle Set
DescriptionThis 8" handle set mounts flush on the door and appears like a set of...
Jamestown Pull Handle
DescriptionThe Jamestown pull handle measures 9". Jamestown Pull Handle The Jamestown pull handle is black,...
Garage Door Strap Hinge
DescriptionThis Jamestown style strap hinge measures 16". Garage Door Strap Hinge The black strap hinge...
Garage Door Pull Handle
DescriptionPull handles are priced per part and measure 10 1/2". Garage Door Pull Handle Pull...
Garage Door Lift Handle
DescriptionThis garage door lift handle has a unique Yorktown style. Garage Door Lift Handle 8...
Garage Door 24" Hinge
DescriptionThe Yorktown style garage door hinge is 24" long. Garage Door 24" HingeThis decorative strap...
Decorative Strap Hinge
DescriptionThis garage door strap hinge is a decorative metal piece. Decorative Strap Hinge for Garage...
Decorative Garage Door Hinge
DescriptionThe decorative garage door hinge measures 22 1/4 inches. Decorative Garage Door Hinge Features This...
30" Large Garage Door Hinge
DescriptionThe 30" large garage door hinge piece is for decorative purposes. 30" Large Garage Door...