LiftMaster 41A5483B Logic Board

LiftMaster 41A5483B Logic Board

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Liftmaster Chamberlain circuit board 41A5483B = Chamberlain Liftmaster circuit board 41A5483C

Liftmaster = Chamberlain = Sears Craftsman when it comes to circuit boards.
41A5483C = 41A5483B = 41A5483-5B = 41A5483-5 = 41A5483-2 These part numbers are all the same and the newest one will be the one pictured above… 41A5483C

We recommend using Liftmaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector when replacing safety sensors or circuit boards

Replacement Part 41A5483C Features:

  • May or may not contain plastic end cover plate
  • Replaces:
    • Logic boards manufactured between 2003-2005
    • Part number 41A5483B

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