Garage Door Carriages and Inner Slides is your epicenter to purchase GENUINE Shuttles, Inner Slides, Genie Replacement Carriages and Trolleys for Genie garage door openers made in the past three decades. We stock the exact replacement Genie parts for your Belt Drive, Screw Drive and Chain Glide openers. To install your genie carriage, remove the garage door arm from the existing carriage. Remove the bolts and nuts attached to the screw drive rail located at the front header bracket and slide the rail off to one side, creating space for the old genie carriage to be removed. Slide your new genie carriage back on the rail and return the rail back to the header bracket with bolts and secure it tightly. Reinstall the garage door arm and engage the new carriage. 
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Genie Carriage Screw Drive with Magnet
Description This Genie replacement garage part has an embedded magnet in the frame for easy...
Allstar Complete Trolley Assembly
Description Allstar Complete Trolley Assembly
Linear Trolley Assembly
Description Linear Trolley Assembly.Replacement trolley for LSO50, LDO33 and LDO50 operators. Replacement trolley for operators:...
Genie Down Chain Glide Magnetic Limit Switch
DescriptionThis 34538S replacement switch is a genuine Genie part.This genuine Genie part is for ML...
Genie Chain Glide Carriage Retrofit Kit
DescriptionThis retrofit kit is a Genie garage door opener carriage inner slide. It is an...
Liftmaster Chain Drive Trolley Assembly
Description Liftmaster Chain Drive Trolley Assembly
Liftmaster Front Idler Assembly
Description Liftmaster Front Idler Assembly
Allstar CDO Trolley Assembly
Description Allstar CDO Trolley Assembly
Genie Carriage Assembly, IntelliG
Description Genie Carriage Assembly, IntelliG
Genie Carriage, ReliaG
Description Genie Carriage, ReliaG
Liftmaster Square Rail Trolley Assembly
Description Liftmaster Square Rail Trolley Assembly
Liftmaster Screw Drive Rail Hardware Bag
Description Liftmaster Screw Drive Rail Hardware Bag
Genie Shuttle Assembly, TriloG
Description Genie Shuttle Assembly, TriloG  
Genie Carriage Cap
Description Genie Carriage Cap
Universal Screw Drive Trolley Assembly
DescriptionThis replacement trolley assembly is compatible with many brands. Compatible Units (Made since 1995): Liftmaster...
Universal Chain Drive Trolley Assembly
Description LiftMaster Chain Drive Trolley Assembly 41A3489 100% Brand New Authentic LiftMaster Part Included Parts...
$30.10 $26.02
Screw Drive Opener Carriage Rack
DescriptionThis replacement rack is to be used in conjunction with a carriage trolley part.This universal...
Linear Inner Slide Assembly
DescriptionThis slide assembly is a great replacement part for HCT chain drive rails inner slides....
Genie Carriage Screw Drive with Magnet and Lubricant Combo
DescriptionThis replacement service kit is to be used with the garage door opener replacement screw...
Genie Carriage Release 20462R Assembly
DescriptionThis Genie assembly is sturdy and reliable for any part construction.This genuine Genie replacement part...
Genie Carriage Inner Slide Chain Drive Kit
DescriptionThis 25605RS replacement part is an original Genie manufactured replacement part.This Genie Inner Slide kit...
Genie Carriage Bumper
Description This replacement Genie part will keep the garage door running perfectly with its plastic...
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Genie Carriage 36254RS Chain Drive
DescriptionThis replacement Genie part should be installed with an inner slide and is an original...
Genie Carriage 34516R Inner Slide
Description This original Genie replacement part will provide reliable and efficient service to any car...
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Belt Drive Trolley Assembly
DescriptionThis replacement belt assembly will keep the garage door running smoothly.