Garage Door Limit Switch

Fine-tuning your garage door limit switch can be easily done with a few simple tools. A garage door’s limit switch controls the travel distance of the door. If your garage door won’t close all the way, your limit switch may be the issue.

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Allstar Roller Limit Cam
DescriptionThis replacement part 110332 will keep the car garage door on track.This Allstar limit cam...
Open Limit Switch Assembly
DescriptionLimit switch for 2000, 3000 or II-A series openers.Limit switch for 2000, 3000 or II-A...
Genie Limit Switch Chain Glide for Model PCG650
Description This external limit switch is a great option as a replacement.<h2>Replacement Part 20467R Features:</h2><ul>...
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Genie Limit Switch 20113RS
Description This replacement Model 20113R Genie limit switch is compatible with all Genie screw and...
41D4671 Limit Switch Assembly
Description Limit Switch Assembly for a Screw Drive for Models 1995 to Current
$24.50 $12.83
41A5640 Limit Switch Assembly
Description Limit Switch Assembly, Works with 2595, 3595, ATS211X & ATS2113X
$27.50 $20.11
41D3452 Liftmaster Limit Switch Assembly
Description Limit Switch Assembly for Chain Drive, Compatible with Liftmaster Garage Door Openers Manufactured from...
$25.30 $21.00
Liftmaster SPDT Limit Switch
Description Liftmaster SPDT Limit Switch
Linear HCT Inner Slide Assembly
Description  Replacement inner slide for HCT chain drive rails       
Liftmaster Trolley Slider Assembly
Description Liftmaster Trolley Slider Assembly
Liftmaster Screw Drive Trolley Assembly (07-Current)
Description Replacement Trolley (carriage) for ALL 1995-current screw drive garage door opener operatorsCompatible with screw...
Genie Limit Switch Lead (Down)
Description GENIE Garage Door Openers Screw Drive Down Limit Wire (Brown)
Genie Limit Switch Assembly - 138"
Description Genie Excelerator Close Limit Switch 33950S
Allstar CDO Open Micro Limit Switch
Description Open Switch  AllStar Part number 005009 Open Switch 2 – Common contact 2 –...
Allstar CDO Limit Nut
Description Linear, AllStar, 105453 Limit Nut Linear, AllStar, Challenger, Wayne Dalton and other brands. Commercial...
Allstar CDO Close Micro Limit Switch
Description Micro Limit Switch AllStar Part number 005008 15A – 125 or 250vac 3/4 hp...
41D3452-2 Limit Switch Assembly
Description Limit Switch Assembly, Compatible with Liftmaster Models 2575, 3275, 3575 and 3575S.
$28.14 $21.88
Magnetic Up Chain Glide Limit Switch
DescriptionThis genuine Genie part 34538R is for use with the ML series.This Genie garage door...
Magnetic Up 33950R Excelerator Limit Switch
DescriptionThis replacement open limit switch has 66 inches of wire included.This switch is a genuine...
Magnetic Down Excelerator Limit Switch
DescriptionThis close limit switch assembly uses brown wire length 138 inches and is intended to...
Linear Limit Switch Assembly
DescriptionReplacement limit switch for LSO50, LDO33 and LDO50 operators Alerts door opener when door is...
Limit Switch
Description (6xxx/PDQ)
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Genie External Limit Switch Chain Drive
DescriptionThis external limit switch will limit dogs and are rail-mounted.This is a direct replacement for...
DPDT 24V Relay Switch
DescriptionThis Allstar product will be sure to keep the car garage door aligned. Replacement Part...
DPDT 115V Relay Switch
DescriptionThis replacement part 100485 is going to be able to turn up to 2 circuits....
DescriptionCompatibility: Works with Challenger models 1000, 1500, 9100, 9300 and 9500Compatibility: Works with Challenger models...