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Do you need dependable garage door opener remote compatible with Linear, Genie and other garage door opening systems? At PartsReplacementStore, we stock multiple Keystone Heddolf garage door remotes that are easy to carry and simple to operate. Some remotes are available on key chains, while others have strong clips that secure them on a vehicle visor. Every one of the Keystone Heddolf garage door accessories and remotes listed at PartsReplacementStore are reliable, durable and able to withstand continuous use. Our huge line of Heddolf products is available at manufacturer prices, so you the customer get more to keep more of your money when you shop with us!
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Heddolf M330 Multi-Code Compatible Wireless Keypad
Description Holds 60 (4) digit codes, plus master code Dip switch, easy programing Wireless but...
$150.00 $76.08
Heddolf ID220 ESP Micom Compatible Transmitter
Description ESP Micom compatible one button transmitter. Heddolf ID220 ESP Micom Compatible Transmitter. ESP Micom...
Sold Out
Heddolf M220 Multi-Code Compatible Transmitter
DescriptionCompatible only with Multi-Code radios.Heddolf M220 Multi-Code Compatible Transmitter. Compatible only with Multi-Code radios.300Mhz, 10...
Heddolf C220 Liftmaster Compatible Transmitter
DescriptionCompatible with Chamberlain, Liftmaster and Sears/Craftsman openers with dip switch style radios.Heddolf C220 Liftmaster Compatible...
Heddolf P219-1 Allstar Compatible Mini Transmitter
DescriptionThis Heddolf transmitter is compatible with any 318 MHz from Pulsar and Allstar with one...
Heddolf GRC390/315-3 Genie Compatible Transmitter
Description Genie, rolling code compatible Three button 390 or 315 MHz
$59.99 $28.69
Heddolf GRC390-1 Genie Compatible Transmitter
DescriptionGenie, rolling code compatible One button 390 MHz
$59.99 $27.17
Heddolf CRC390 Liftmaster Compatible Transmitter
Description Chamberlain, Liftmaster and Sears Craftsman compatible Rolling code format One button 390 MHz
$29.98 $28.69
Heddolf CRC315 Liftmaster Compatible Transmitter
Description Chamberlain, Liftmaster and Sears Craftsman compatible Rolling code format One button 315 MHz
$60.63 $28.69
Heddolf S220 Stanley Compatible Transmitter
DescriptionOne button Stanley compatible transmitter.Heddolf S220 Stanley Compatible Transmitter. One button Stanley compatible transmitter. 10...
Heddolf S219 Stanley Compatible Mini Transmitter
DescriptionOne button mini transmitter compatible only with Stanley dipswitch style radio controls.Heddolf S219 Stanley Compatible...
Heddolf P220-3 Allstar Compatible Transmitter
DescriptionAllstar compatible full-size transmitterHeddolf P220-3 Allstar Compatible Transmitter.Three button Allstar compatible full-size transmitter8 dipswitches, 318...
Heddolf P220-2 Allstar Compatible Transmitter
DescriptionTwo button Allstar compatible full-size transmitterHeddolf P220-2 Allstar Compatible Transmitter. Two button Allstar compatible full-size...
Heddolf P219-2 Allstar Compatible Mini Transmitter
DescriptionTwo button Allstar coompatible mini transmitterHeddolf P219-2 Allstar Compatible Mini Transmitter. Two button Allstar coompatible...
Heddolf ER294 Long Range Receiver
DescriptionThis receiver reaches up to 1,500 feet to make sure that any car garage door...
Heddolf ER220 Long Range Transmitter
DescriptionThis long range remote reaches up to 1,500 feet.Heddolf ER220 Long Range Transmitter. Heddolf long...
Genie Heddolf G220 Transmitter
DescriptionGenie compatible one button transmitter.Works with Genie 9 or 12 switch radios.Heddolf G220 Genie Compatible...