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For your LiftMaster Chamberlain system to run at peak performance, the circuit or logic board needs to be in excellent shape. Regrettably, circuit board components are unprotected to constant wear and tear, so they do eventually need to be replaced. PartsReplacementStore has the LiftMaster garage door opener circuit boards needed to keep your garage door opener working as intended. These circuit boards can be replaced fairly easily and are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to save all the money and irritation related with a complete system garage door opener replacement. If you have noticed that your garage door opener isn't answering to your keypad or remote, it is possible there is a problem with the logic board. Once you do some troubleshooting and figure out without a doubt that it's a circuit board problem, you will want to find the right replacement board at partsreplacementstore.com. There is no doubt: swapping Chamberlain logic boards can add years of functionality to your LiftMaster garage door opener. The process has never been more affordable or easier than with the help of PartsReplacementStore. Browse our range of circuit and logic boards to find the product that works with your system.
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LiftMaster 41A4252-7 Logic Board
Description LiftMaster receiver logic board, 390MHZ Part 41A4252-7 Replaces: Logic boards manufactured between 1993-2007 Part...
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LiftMaster 41A5021-I Garage Door Opener Logic Control Board 390 MHz
DescriptionLiftMaster Receiver Logic Board Assembly 41A5021-I 100% Brand New Authentic LiftMaster PartAn out of order...
LiftMaster 41A4252-6 Logic Board
Description The model 41A4252-6 logic circuit board is a replacement logic board that fits an...
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LiftMaster 41A5483B Logic Board
DescriptionLiftmaster Chamberlain circuit board 41A5483B = Chamberlain Liftmaster circuit board 41A5483CLiftmaster = Chamberlain = Sears...
LiftMaster 41D4674-1 Logic Board
Description Liftmaster 41D4674-10 Logic Board for 1000SD and 2000SD openers***Replaced by 41D4674-2*** Technical: Liftmaster 41D4674-10...
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Round Electrolytic Start 43-53 MFD 220-250 VAC Capacitor
DescriptionThis Allstar receiver is a maximum power factor to ensure that it always has enough...
LiftMaster 41A5021 Garage Door Opener Logic Board
DescriptionThe most popular replacement for many LiftMaster circuit boards manufactured from 1997-2005, is the LiftMaster...
DescriptionGenie Sequencer Board Model 20386R.S (replaces Genie 31184R)Compatible with ALL 1997 and later Genie Intellicode...
DescriptionAllstar garage door opener circuit board is a replacement logic/circuit board for Allister or Allstar...
Round Electrolytic Start Capacitor
DescriptionIntended for normal intermittent service on single-phase motor starting applicationsThis Allstar capacitor will keep the...
Round Electrolytic Start 67-76 MFD-1/2 HP 220-250 VAC Capacitor
DescriptionThis Allstar 005120 capacitor, which has a plastic container that seals out moisture.This AC electrolytic...
Round Electrolyic Start 53-64 MFD-1/3 HP 220-250 VAC Capacitor
DescriptionThis Allstar capacitor will keep the inside safe with its plastic container that seals out...