Launched in 1977 in the United States, Marantec America has been magnificently producing and distributing commercial and residential garage and gate access systems throughout the US. Integrating brand new German technology, Marantec garage door operators are recognized for incomparable safety, quiet and a steadfast dedication to quality. These characteristics along with many significant features such as unique accessories, integrated LED lighting and the best warranty in the garage door industry makes Marantec America unparalleled by the competition

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Marantec M3-2432 Transmitter
Description The Marantec M3-2432 transmitter has two buttons and runs on a 433MHz frequency. Replacement...
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Marantec Replacement Belt, 8ft
Marantec Logic Board, Q7900
Description Marantec Logic Board, Q7900
Marantec M4-705 Photo Eyes
 Works all Marantec units  Includes brackets, wiring and hardware 
Marantec Replacement Trolley
 Replacement trolley for M-Line/Q-Line/EOS/Synergy standard rails       
Marantec Logic Board
Marantec Wall Control
 Model M3-543NL       
Marantec Replacement Belt, 7ft
Marantec RPM Sensor with Wire Harness
 For use on M-line/Q-line/EOS models       
Marantec M3-3313 Mini Transmitter
DescriptionThis 3-button transmitter will operate any Marantec 315Mhz garage door opener. Replacement M3-3313 Keychain Remote Features:...
Marantec M3-2314 Transmitter
DescriptionThis 4-button M3-2314 transmitter is compatible with all Marantec 315MHz garage door openers. Marantec Replacement...
Marantec M3-2312 Transmitter
DescriptionThis 2 button M3-2312 transmitter has a frequency of 315 MHz.Replacement Two-Button Remote Features:315 MHz...
Marantec M13-631 Wireless Keypad
DescriptionThis M13-631 wireless keypad has various operating frequencies. Replacement Marantec Wireless Keypad M13-631 Program your own 4-digit Personal...