OMRON manufactures an assortment of sensors, including retro reflective and long distances sensors, as well as sensors with separate amplifiers or built-in.

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RAY-RT Nema 4X Monitored Reflective Photocell
Description NEMA 4X Monitored Reflective Photocell UL325/2010 Recognized Sensing Range = 5 Feet to 50...
$210.00 $167.19
FOS-1 Nema 4 Exterior Through-Beam Photocell
Description Exterior Through-Beam Photocell Sensing Distance 45 Feet UL325/2010 Recognized Component Comes with Sender Receiver...
$149.00 $87.00
Omron E3K Retro-Reflective Industrial Photoelectric Controls
Description The Omron E3K complies with the UL 325 standard. Omron E3K Retro-Reflective Industrial Photoelectric...
$220.00 $198.36
Omron E3JM Long Distance Photo Electric Control Switch
Description Photo electric control switches are designed with a long distance sensor beam for optimal...
$156.00 $136.47