Shaft Collars, Bearings, and Couplers

Shaft collars, bearings and couplers are going to keep the garage door perfectly aligned and functioning correctly.
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Solid Shaft Coupling 1"
DescriptionThis solid shaft coupling measures 4 3/4" in length. Solid Shaft Coupling 1" Features Nonadjustable...
Tube Coupling 1"
Description2 1/2" long. Tube Coupling 1" Tube coupling is nonadjustable and manufactured from quality, low carbon...
Solid Shaft Coupling 1 1/4"
DescriptionThe solid shaft coupling connects two 1-1/4" shafts together utilizing four set screws. Solid Shaft...
Shaft Collars 5/16"
DescriptionShaft collars have a diameter of 5/16". Shaft Collars 5/16" Shaft collars in this size...
Shaft Collars 3"
DescriptionShaft collars in this size have a 3" diameter. Shaft Collars 3"Details of these shaft...
Shaft Collar 7/16"
DescriptionThis shaft collar measures 7/16" in diameter. Shaft Collar 7/16" Features Bright zinc finish Complete...
Shaft Collar 5/8"
DescriptionShaft collars have a smaller, 5/8" diameter. Shaft Collar 5/8"These shaft collars are smaller in...
Shaft Collar 3/8"
DescriptionThis shaft collar measures 3/8" in diameter.Shaft Collar 3/8"Features of this shaft collar include the...
Shaft Collar 3/4"
DescriptionShaft collars of this size have a 3/4" diameter. Shaft Collar 3/4"Details of this extra...
Shaft Collar 2"
DescriptionThis shaft collar measures 2" in diameter. Shaft Collar 2" Features Bright zinc finish Complete...
Shaft Collar 2 1/2"
DescriptionShaft collars come with a 2 1/2" diameter. Shaft Collar 2 1/2" Shaft collars feature...
Shaft Collar 1/4"
DescriptionThis shaft collar has a 1/4" diameter. Shaft Collar 1/4"Test the oustanding quality of a...