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Garage door openers with chain drives have a sprocket attached to the top of the opener motor. As time passes, the sprocket's grooves or teeth can wear, then the chain could skip or jump when the opener raises the door. At the first sign of wear, replace the sprocket to prolong the chain and motor’s life. 

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer (DIY) or a professional installer, PartsReplacementStore stocks a large assortment of the parts you require for your garage door system along with fast shipping to help you get the project done. We have a variety of garage door extension spring pulleys in several sizes with bolt and shaft mounting. Sheave pulley kits include the fastener, pulley and strap.

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Allstar Rear Idler Sprocket
DescriptionThis idler sprocket will keep the garage door running on track with its sturdy sturdy...
Sprocket-65 Chain, 9 tooth, 5/8" bore
DescriptionThe replacement steel roller chain sprocket is designed for #65 chains. Replacement Steel Roller Chain...
Sprocket 36 tooth, 1" bore, 1/4" keyway
Description This steel replacement sprocket with hub has a 1" bore. 41B36 Steel Replacement Sprocket This...
Napoleon 5 5/8th Inch Flat End Bearing Plate 2002 Part # GDH 3-1-2
DescriptionPart # GDH 3-1-2 Garage Door Flat End Bearing Plate. Designed to support the end...
Allstar 100004 Front Idler Pulley
Description This Allstar molded plastic pulley will keep the car garage door running smoothly. Replacement...
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Sprocket 65 chain, 27 tooth, 3/4" bore
DescriptionThe roller chain steel sprocket is for #65 chains. Roller Chain Steel SprocketSpecifications of the...
Sprocket 65 Chain, 10 tooth, 3/4" bore
DescriptionThe 10 tooth steel sprocket makes an excellent replacement part for #65 chains. 10 Tooth...
Sprocket 40 tooth, 1" bore, 1/4" keyway 50B40
DescriptionSteel 40 tooth sprockets with hub have a standard 1" bore. Steel 40 Tooth SprocketsThese...
Sprocket 36 tooth, 1 1/4" bore, 1/4" keyway
DescriptionThis roller chain sprocket is manufactured using top quality steel. 36 Tooth Roller Chain SprocketThis...
Sprocket 30 tooth, 1-1/4" bore, 1/4" Keyway
DescriptionThe 30 tooth replacement sprocket is for use with the #50 roller chain. 30 Tooth...
Sprocket 30 tooth, 1" bore, 1/4" keyway 65B30
DescriptionSteel roller chain sprocket 65B30 is for use with #65 roller chains. 30 Tooth SprocketThis...
Sprocket 30 tooth, 1" bore, 1/4" keyway 41B30
DescriptionThis sprocket is for use with #41 roller chains. Replacement Steel Sprocket This replacement steel...