Swaging tools are designed to help bend, stamp or shape cold metal into a required shape.
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1-SC Hand Swager
Description LOOS & Co. 1-SC hand swager is a heavy duty tool with 5 swage...
Bench Swager HSC-600
DescriptionThe bench swager comes with ability to swage up to five sizes. Bench Swager HSC-600 Features...
Roper Whitney #8 Five Ton Steel Punch
DescriptionThis ton steel punch has three available sizes. Priced per each, it also includes a...
Napoleon Cable Snubbers
DescriptionThese cables snubbers are sold in pairs to prevent slack from forming in the cables....
Napoleon Aluminum Cable Spool
DescriptionThis pack of 50 cable spools fits the bottom bracket drilled pin. Package of 50...
5/16 in. Punch & Die Set
DescriptionThis punch and die set is competitively priced per each. Intended for the Roper Whitney...
Replacement Swager Jaws
Description Replacement swager jaws HSC600 fit both hand and bench models for optimum convenience. Replacement...
Napoleon Model B -1615B Fusible Link
DescriptionThis replacement link is for 1-10 lb. loads. It has a length of 1.4328 inches....
Napoleon Model A -1615A Fusible Link
DescriptionThis fusible link replacement will load 1-30 pounds. It has a width of .875 inches....
Napoleon 5/32 in. Button Stops
DescriptionThis pack of 250 button stops are 5/32 inches. Pack of 250
Napoleon 5/32 in. Aluminum Sleeves
DescriptionThese 5/32 of an inch sleeves are sold in packages of 250. Sold in packages...
Napoleon 3/16 in. Aluminum Thimbles
DescriptionThese 100 thimbles are intended for use with cables that have a diameter up to...