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Genie 18004B Capacitor 53-64 MFD 220/250 VAC
DescriptionThis capacitor has a 1 7/16 in. diameter which is perfect for many garage door...
Genie 19988AS Capacitor 64-77 MFD 220/250 VAC
DescriptionThis replacement capacitor is compatible with all Genie car garage door openers except for specific...
Genie 36163R Intellicode Receiver
DescriptionThis Genie remote is compatible with 315 and 390 MHz remotes.Instead of replacing the entire...
Genie 37220R New Safe-T-Beam System
DescriptionThis new Genie 37220R replacement part is compatible with all Genie machines with 2-pin connector...
Genie Aladdin Connect Kit
Description Control and monitor the status of your garage door from anywhere with your smart...
Genie Battery Back-Up Unit
Description Up to 50 cycles in a 24-hour period after initial power outage Color coded...
$110.00 $100.23
Genie Belt Drive Carriage Slide
Description Genie 27175B.S Stealth Garage Door Opener Carriage Slide
Genie Belt Pulley
Description Genie Belt Pulley
Genie Bullet (Chain)
Description Genie Bullet (Chain)
Genie Capacitor 50 MFD
Genie Capacitor 70 MFD (model 2564, 2568)
Description Genie Capacitor 70 MFD (model 2564, 2568)
Genie Carriage 34516R Inner Slide
Description This original Genie replacement part will provide reliable and efficient service to any car...
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Genie Carriage 36254RS Chain Drive
DescriptionThis replacement Genie part should be installed with an inner slide and is an original...
Genie Carriage Assembly, IntelliG
Description Genie Carriage Assembly, IntelliG
Genie Carriage Bumper
Description This replacement Genie part will keep the garage door running perfectly with its plastic...
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Genie Carriage Cap
Description Genie Carriage Cap
Genie Carriage Inner Slide Chain Drive Kit
DescriptionThis 25605RS replacement part is an original Genie manufactured replacement part.This Genie Inner Slide kit...
Genie Carriage Release 20462R Assembly
DescriptionThis Genie assembly is sturdy and reliable for any part construction.This genuine Genie replacement part...
Genie Carriage Release Assembly
 For ProMax® models: PMX 700, PMX 1200 and Stealth® models: GPS 700IC, GPS 1200 IC ...
Genie Carriage Screw Drive with Magnet
Description This Genie replacement garage part has an embedded magnet in the frame for easy...
Genie Carriage Screw Drive with Magnet and Lubricant Combo
DescriptionThis replacement service kit is to be used with the garage door opener replacement screw...
Genie Carriage, ReliaG
Description Genie Carriage, ReliaG
Genie Chain Dogs
Description Genie Chain Dogs
Genie Chain Drive Gear
DescriptionThis Genie part 27096AS has 40 teeth and a square hole for easy use.This drive...
Genie Chain Glide Carriage Assembly-Old Style
Genie Chain Glide Carriage Retrofit Kit
DescriptionThis retrofit kit is a Genie garage door opener carriage inner slide. It is an...
Genie Chain Pulley
Description Genie Chain Pulley
Genie Chain Sprocket
Genie Collar
Description Genie Collar
Genie Control Board (1024)
Description Genie Control Board (1024)
Genie Control Board (1028)
Genie Control Board (2024)
Description Genie Control Board (2024)
Genie Control Board (2028, 2029)
Genie Control Board (2564, 2568)
Genie Control Board-3 Terminal
 Replaces board #20380R.S 
Genie Control Board-6 Terminal
 Replaces board #20380SS       
Genie Coupler
Description Genie 30257T.S AC Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Coupler. Easily replace the coupler by...
Genie Deluxe Wall Station GPWC-BX
Description This GPWC-BX Genie car garage door opener operates from the garage inside and saves...
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Genie Door Opener Bracket
Genie Door Position Sensor (Aladdin)
DescriptionAdditional sensor for the Aladdin Connect system
Genie Down Chain Glide Magnetic Limit Switch
DescriptionThis 34538S replacement switch is a genuine Genie part.This genuine Genie part is for ML...
Genie External Limit Switch Chain Drive
DescriptionThis external limit switch will limit dogs and are rail-mounted.This is a direct replacement for...
Genie G1T-BX Transmitter
Description One Button Compatible with all Intellicode products built since 1995 Auto seek dual frequency...
$34.70 $27.27
Genie G3T-BX Transmitter
Description Three button Dual frequency remote that sends both 390 MHz and 315 MHz frequencies...
DescriptionGenie Sequencer Board Model 20386R.S (replaces Genie 31184R)Compatible with ALL 1997 and later Genie Intellicode...
Genie GCR Gate Receiver
 Genie fixed code 9 switch receiver for gated communities 
Genie Gear, Main Drive
Genie GIRUD-IT Conversion Kit
Description Universal dual frequency conversion kit or all brands of garage door openers to alleviate...