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12 Volt Linear DRA-4 Receiver
DescriptionThis receiver has 64 selectable codes and activates four devices or up, open and stop....
2-Channel Linear MDR-2 Receiver
DescriptionThis replacement receiver has 24 volts of power and also uses 2 channels. This receiver...
3-Channel Two Button Linear ACT-22B Mini Transmitter
DescriptionThis Linear replacement part activates 2 MegaCode receivers.This Linear part activates two MegaCode receivers and...
Delta-3 Linear DTKP Wireless Keypad
DescriptionLinear DTKP 310mhz Part Number: DNT00062The Delta-3 DTKP Keypad Transmitter is one of Linear's series...
Electronic Access Control Lockset
DescriptionThis Linear replacement part works for both indoor and outdoor applications. This replacement lockset is...
Exterior Linear AK-11 Keypad
DescriptionThis exterior keypad will control access at a single entry point for facilities with up...
Exterior Linear MDKP Wireless Keypad
DescriptionThis Linear replacement part transmits a unique signal for each 1-6 digit pin code entered.Access...
GTO Digital Keypad
Description Program up to twenty-five (25) entry codes for added security
GTO Single Button Transmitter
Description9 dipswitches, 318MHZ
$38.00 $28.41
GTO Three Button Transmitter
Description9 dipswitches, 318MHZ
GTO Two Button Transmitter
Description9 dipswitches, 318MHZ
GTO Universal Receiver
Description For use with RB742 or RB743 to activate your gate operator and garage door...
$79.25 $70.52
Linear 1-Channel Double Set
DescriptionThe Linear double set includes a single-channel receiver and two remotes.The replacement receiver features 3...
Linear 3+1 Transmitter
 The DT3+1 4-channel Common Gate Access Transmitter is a hand-held  four-channel transmitter with a three-channel...
Linear 524 Transformer
Description This Linear transformer has power that ranges from 24-120 volts.Technical: 120 VAC to 24-volt...
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Linear ACT-21A Mini Transmitter
DescriptionThis single channel transmitter will activate one MegaCode receiver and also has a frequency of...
DescriptionLinear ACT-21B Mini Remote Control TransmitterTechnical: Linear Moore-o-Matic MegaCode format 1-button mini key chain size...
Linear ACT-22A Keychain Mini Remote Control Transmitter
DescriptionThe replacement ACT-22A transmitter has 2 model 1616 Lithium batteries included.The Linear ACT-22A 3-Channel Key...
Linear ACT-31B Mini Block Coded Transmitter
 Block coded transmitters are factory programmed to a sequential series of transmitter ID codes  When...
Linear ACT-31C Mini Custom Block Coded Transmitter
DescriptionThis transmitter are manufactured to any choice of sequential transmitter ID codes. To further customize...
Linear ACT-34B Mini Block Coded Transmitter
 Block coded transmitters are factory programmed to a sequential series of transmitter ID codes  When...
Linear ACT-34C Mini CUSTOM Block Coded Transmitter
 Block coded transmitters are factory programmed to your choice of  sequential transmitter ID codes  When...
Linear AE-1000Plus Commercial Telephone Entry
Description This Linear product will control up to four gates or doors.This entry system is...
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Linear AE100 Commercial Telephone Entry
 Accepts a total of 125 directory listings or stand-alone entry codes  TTY jack for connection...
Linear AK-11 Exterior Keypad
 An excellent way to control access at a single entry point for facilities with up...
DescriptionLinear AKR-1 Exterior Surface Mount Wireless Commercial keypad is ideal for airports, hospitals, warehouses, office...
Linear AKR-1 Exterior Keypad with Radio
 Digital keypad entry system that includes a built-in radio receiver,  which allows use of up...
DescriptionLinear AP-5 Single Portal Access Controller Wireless Gate Receiver ACP00953The Linear AP-5 Single Portal Access...
Linear Capacitor 65MFD
 3/4HP units       
Linear Capacitor, 53-64MFD
 1/2HP units  
Linear Control Board
 Replacement board for LSO50, LDO33 and LDO50 operators 
Linear D-4R Receiver
Description Designed for use in security systems and remote switching functions requiring more than one...
$152.00 $150.00
Linear Double Set
 Set includes one Delta-3 receiver and two Delta-3 transmitters  
Linear DR Single Channel Receiver
 Activates one device  24V AC/DC  310 MHz, 8 dipswitches      
Linear DR-2 Two Channel Receiver
 Activates two devices  310MHz, 8 dipswitchs      
Linear DR-4 Four Channel Receiver
 Activates four seperate devices OR UP, Down & Stop functions for one commercial device       ...
Linear DRA Single Channel Receiver 12V
DescriptionThis receiver has a power of 12 volts and is designed for commercial gate and...
Linear DRA-4 Four Channel Receiver 12V
 12V model activates four devices or one Up, Down & Stop commercial device       
DescriptionLinear DRQP High Sensitivity Receiver DNR00013PTechnical: The DRQP 1-channel Gate Receiver is a high-sensitivity, short-range...
Linear DRQP High Sensitivity Receiver
 The DRQP 1-channel Gate Receiver is a high-sensitivity, short-range  radio receiver that operates in conjunction...
DescriptionLinear DT One Button Remote Control Transmitterr.Technical: 310 MHz, single button, 9 volt battery operation,...
Linear DT-2 Visor Transmitter
DescriptionThis transmitter has two buttons and two channels. This remote controller will independently activate two...
Linear DT-2A Two Button Transmitter
 Activates two Delta-3 receivers  310MHz, 8 dipswitches
Linear DT-3+1 Gate Transmitter
DescriptionThe Linear DT3+1 is a four button/channel remote control transmitter on 310 MHz.Technical: The Linear...
LINEAR DT-4 Delta 4 Button Transmitter
DescriptionThis four channel remote controller is designed to be used with automatic garage and gate...
Linear DT-4A Four Button Transmitter
 The transmitter can be used with one four-channel receiver (DR4),  two two-channel receivers (DR2) or...
DescriptionLinear DTG Safety Edge Transmitter DNT00072Technical and Compatibility: The DTG Safety Edge Transmitter is compatible...
Linear DX-12 1-Channel Metal Case Receiver
Description Metal housing Operates on 11–24 VDC or 12–16 VAC power One channel Standard digital...