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12 Volt Linear DRA-4 Receiver
DescriptionThis receiver has 64 selectable codes and activates four devices or up, open and stop....
2-Channel Linear MDR-2 Receiver
DescriptionThis replacement receiver has 24 volts of power and also uses 2 channels. This receiver...
3-Channel Two Button Linear ACT-22B Mini Transmitter
DescriptionThis Linear replacement part activates 2 MegaCode receivers.This Linear part activates two MegaCode receivers and...
Delta-3 Linear DTKP Wireless Keypad
DescriptionLinear DTKP 310mhz Part Number: DNT00062The Delta-3 DTKP Keypad Transmitter is one of Linear's series...
Electronic Access Control Lockset
DescriptionThis Linear replacement part works for both indoor and outdoor applications. This replacement lockset is...
Exterior Linear AK-11 Keypad
DescriptionThis exterior keypad will control access at a single entry point for facilities with up...
Exterior Linear MDKP Wireless Keypad
DescriptionThis Linear replacement part transmits a unique signal for each 1-6 digit pin code entered.Access...
GTO Digital Keypad
DescriptionProgram up to twenty-five (25) entry codes for added security
$79.99 $64.00
GTO Single Button Transmitter
Description9 dipswitches, 318MHZ
$38.00 $27.99
GTO Three Button Transmitter
Description9 dipswitches, 318MHZ
$38.00 $29.97
GTO Two Button Transmitter
Description9 dipswitches, 318MHZ
$29.00 $23.00
GTO Universal Receiver
Description For use with RB742 or RB743 to activate your gate operator and garage door...
$79.25 $52.00