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Stanley 1050 Transmitter
DescriptionThis Stanley transmitter is capable of operating one device. Stanley 1050 TransmitterThe Stanley 1-button remote...
Stanley 1082 Mini-Transmitter
DescriptionThe Stanley 1082 mini-transmitter has a single button to operate one device. Stanley 1082 Mini-TransmitterThis...
Stanley 3083-02 Mini Transmitter
DescriptionThe Stanley 3083-02 is a two button mini transmitter. Stanley 3083-02 Mini TransmitterMini transmitters from...
Stanley 49477 Remote Control
DescriptionThe Stanley 49477 remote control is a SecureCode three button mini transmitter. Stanley 49477 Remote...
Stanley Wireless Keypad
DescriptionCompatiable with Stanley digital radio controlsNot compatiable with Stanely Secure Code radio controlsStanley Wireless KeypadThe...