Allstar CDO Limit Nut
Allstar CDO Limit Nut

Allstar CDO Limit Nut

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Linear, AllStar, 105453 Limit Nut

Linear, AllStar, Challenger, Wayne Dalton and other brands.

Commercial Garage Door opener limit nut.

This limit nut travels on a threaded rod and is held in place by a flanged piece of metal or a sprung wire or by other means.


One limit nut for the up and one for the down limit. These limit nuts travel on the threded rod and contact the limit switches for up and down travel of the garage door.

Good idea to wire a spare to the garage door opener.


The 105453 limit nut does differ from other limit nuts.

We carry limit nuts for Liftmaster as well.

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Photo below  shows the limit assembly on a typical opener as a reference to the type of garage door or gate limit switch assembly that this type of limit nut is used.


Be careful of cross threading when installing, these are plastic and are easy to thread wrong.

Here is a hard to find part to find that will allow you to keep that older garage door or gate opener going and in service.

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