Loop Detector, D-Tek, 12V DC

Loop Detector, D-Tek, 12V DC

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The D-TEK vehicle detector 12V DC provides superb and reliable detection upon entry and exit of all vehicles.

D-TEK Vehicle Detector 12V DC

The D-TEK vehicle detector 12V DC operates reliably with marginal loops and features fail-safe presence output pulse during vehicle entry or exit. Aluminum RF shield housing provides a protective casing for lasting use. Additional features found below guarantee long-term efficiency and reliability. 
  • Self-tuning function
  • Surge protection
  • Power: 12V DC
  • Use four-layer board for maximum durability and RF blocking
  • Surge protection on all inputs and outputs of the detector
  • Harness included

Additional 12V DC loop detector capabilities:

  • Loop diagnostics
  • Loop isolation transformer
  • Loop conditioner
  • Loop frequency counter
  • 10 gold-plated sensitivity controls
  • 8 gold-plated function controls
  • 6 gold-plated controls for frequency, reset and frequency counter
  • 2 high-intensity LED indicators

 For easy installation into small operator housings, all controls must be accessible.

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