PD180 Wireless PhotoSensors

PD180 Wireless PhotoSensors

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Wireless photosensors conveniently eliminate the need to run any cables.

PD180 Wireless Photosensors 

Photosensors manufactured by EMX Industries are an excellent wireless solution for door and gate access. Senors detect any obstacles, persons, and cars that interfere with the beam. Eliminates the need to run cable.Detects any obstacles, persons, car, ect. between the two sensors.Fulfills the door and gate safety standards.IP54 rated, protection against splashing water.100 foot range

Additional wireless garage door photosensor features:
  • Fulfills the door and gate safety standards
  • IP54 rated, protection against splashing water
  • Eliminates need for cables and wires
  • 100 foot range

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